Health, Safety, Security & Environment – Our Commitment and Policy

The HSSE Commitment and Policy of LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S™ (hereinafter referred to as LUND E&C) apply to all work performed by LUND E&C.

LUND E&C is working in a high-risk industry and therefore focuses on safe workplaces. For many years we have strived for “0 accidents” and our focus on safety and current efforts towards our goals has given a result we are very proud of and want to maintain by the commitments below.

We want to deliver high quality consulting services and deliveries to our customers, but we also know how important it is to secure our people, society, and the environment. There will always be room for improvement, and naturally we embrace these and incorporate them on an ongoing basis in our HSSE Commitments & Policies, to avoid injuries and accidents in the future as well.

This document “Commitments & Policies” reflects our values and the way we work.


We take great importance in:

  • Our goal of “0 accidents” is maintained and complied with. This means that all accidents, injuries, and occupational diseases must be prevented. In addition, we want to protect our employees from being emotionally or mentally harmed.

  • Protecting the environment by using materials and energy resources efficiently and avoid unnecessary pollution and interference with the environment, as well as raising employees’ awareness to minimize adverse impact on the environment.

  • Utilizing technology and maintain facilities in a manner to avoid risk to people, society and the environment.

  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment for all in LUND E&C with adequate facilities and appropriate protective equipment.

  • Identifying and analyzing potential hazards and security threats and implement measures to avoid, prevent, control, and restrict the associated risks.

  • Focus on data security and maintain confidential conditions, e.g. for our employees and Customers, by addressing the risks that exist before they become a problem.

  • Contributing to the society we work in as well as respecting the parties involved in, or in any other way subject to, our work.

  • Always respecting, accepting, and fulfilling the HSSE Commitment and Policy of our partners at any time during the performance of our work.

  • Promoting the best practices and taking responsibility to perform and develop in accordance with the above-mentioned aims.

  • Respecting the HSSE Commitment and Policy with the same importance and value as other critical business policies and activities performed by LUND E&C.

Registration of deviations

In case of deviations from the above – in the form of accidents, near misses, observations, data security or non-compliance with current HSSE policy – this must be reported immediately to LUND E&C.

The 10 safety rules

To help us meet our obligations, we have 10 safety rules.

The vast majority of risks can be prevented if the following 10 safety rules are followed:


LUND E&C commits to:

  • Continuously improving and updating the HSSE Commitment and Policy and making sure that the HSSE Commitment and Policy follows law or regulations, and to applying appropriate standards where respective legislation does not exist.

  • Improving the HSSE Commitment and Policy in accordance with feedback from employees, partners and customers.

  • Applying the HSSE Commitment and Policy in all work performed by LUND E&C.

  • Engaging in dialogue with customers and other project parties to create the best possible solution for all parties, in respect of our HSSE Commitment and Policy.

  • Promoting a safety and health workflow / mentality culture. By doing so, our team are much better prepared to prevent and avoid injuries and accidents when working with customers.

  • Encouraging and expecting employees to stop the job in situations, which assessed unsafe.

  • Pursuing the goal of “0 accidents” by using lessons learned.

LUND E&C management will inspect the implementation of this policy. We expect the support of all employees, contractors, partners etc., so that our HSSE Commitment and Policy will prevent damage and accidents as well as maintain our customers confidence in the company.

Last updated June 2023

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