Purposes and guidelines regarding registration of information
LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S process personal information to manage the LUND CV Database. When you consent to the registration, processing and retention of your information in the LUND CV Database, you may be taken into consideration regarding future job opportunities relevant to your profile.

According to the Danish Data Protection Act and EU regulations, personal information must be retained confidentially and safe. Therefore, personal information is saved electronically with restricted access at LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S. Precautions are inspected continuously to make sure that our user information is being processed properly, as well as in consideration of your rights.

However, we can not guarantee absolute security regarding transmission of data via the internet. This will always carry a risk, should someone wrongfully and unjustified get access to your information. Thus, you submit your information on your own responsibility.

Due to the increasingly fast development of the internet, we may need to make changes in our processing of personal information. Therefore, we reserve the right to update and make corrections in the existing guidelines for processing personal information. However, we will always indicate potential adjustments. Guidelines in place can be found on this page:

Collection of personal information
The personal data that we collect and process is primarily contact details and information regarding the registration of a CV in the form of:

·     Name
·     Address
·     Phone number
·     E-mail
·     Application and CV (education, certificates, previous occupations etc.)
·     Possibly personal registration number or company registration number

We do not collect more personal information than what is necessary to fulfill our purpose or obligations.

Sensitive personal data
We collect and process sensitive personal data only with your separate consent, or in situations where we may need to adhere to legal requirements.

LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S have no interest in the sensitive personal data listed below. Therefore, we encourage you to leave out the following information in your submitted documents.

·     Racial or ethnic origin
·     Political or religious beliefs
·     Union affiliations
·     Health data
·     Sexual relations

If your documentation does contain such information, you automatically give your consent to our registration of this information when you submit your document

Our processing of your data

Your information is processed confidentially and is only accessible for the staff involved in the recruitment process. That is the person in charge and those staff members who are associated with the vacant position or the job function.

The purpose of registration is to create a qualitative, easy and fast way to match applicant and job.

Before we forward your CV to a third party with the aim of estimating potential job opportunities, we will contact you, so you may give your consent to this.

LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S do not hand over personal information to a third party with marketing purposes or other commercial use.

Deletion, access and rectification of data
After 6 months we will send you an e-mail to ask you to declare your acceptance to let us keep your information for another 6 months.
If we do not receive your consent to this, your data will be deleted from our system automatically within 30 days.

You can withdraw your consent at any given time, and all registered data will be deleted from our system as soon as possible.

Furthermore, you can always get access to, correct, and delete the data that is being processed about you by contacting LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S via e-mail:
Upon request for access to your own information, we will require verification of your identity to ensure that the information is only released to whom it concerns.
We continuously review our need for retention of data, so that we do not keep more than strictly necessary.

Acknowledgement of receipt
When we have received your application or your CV, you will receive a conformation via e-mail. In this e-mail we will confirm the reception of your information, as well as proper and secure processing in the ensuing proceedings.

Likewise, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail when all your data has been deleted from our system, should you choose to withdraw your consent.

Avenues of complaint
At LUND Engineers & Contractors A/S we have implemented procedures and routines, so that we meet the requirements of the new Danish Data Protection Act and EU regulations (as of May 25th 2018).
Should you unexpectedly believe that we have registered erroneous information or that we have processed your data incorrectly, please contact us. Likewise, it is our duty to inform you that you may lodge a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency.


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Consent statement for LUND CV Database – Last updated 25. June 2021.